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Secure Your Edge While Boosting Your Team’s Productivity

Sentieo is the first financial intelligence platform uniquely built to support the entire workflow of research teams.

Empower your team to easily surface, visualize, and share the alpha-driving insights that can help give your firm an edge.

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A Modern Research Platform for Modern Investment Teams

It’s no longer good enough for your team’s decision-making processes to live in spreadsheets or people’s heads. You need a repeatable, consistent, and transparent approach to surface the best ideas for your portfolio and create accountability for continuous improvement.

Sentieo’s AI-powered search and research management tools empower analysts to surface, visualize, and share alpha-driving insights.

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Complete, Collaborative Research

You rely on your research team to help you stay ahead of the competition with fresh insights and timely views. But with an inhuman amount of company and market information to be processed each day, analysts waste hundreds of hours searching for relevant insights while also missing critical information.

Sentieo was built from the start to bring together disparate financial research tools into a single, innovative AI-powered platform.

The result? A financial intelligence platform built to make fundamental analysts more productive.

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Use Smarter Search to Improve Analysts’ Insights and Productivity

By creating a more streamlined process to search external and internal content, analysts can reinvest 100s of hours saved from looking for information into deeper and broader coverage.

  • Get more relevant results with a platform powered by machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) built from an analyst perspective.
  • Personalized query suggestions that guide investment teams to the right content
  • Custom alerts keep you on top of new intel that impacts your investments
  • Unmatched search speed delivered by a continuously expanding infrastructure built to process millions of documents and articles at scale
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Create a More Consistent, Efficient Research Workflow

Sentieo’s integrated research management system provides a centralized, consistent environment for creating, organizing, and collaborating on research notes.

  • A centralized notebook allows analysts to highlight, capture, annotate, tag, and collaborate in real-time
  • Gain insights more easily with customized templates to standardize research note structure and inputs
  • Streamline research workflows and connect internal and external data using modern APIs
  • Respond faster to audit requests with centralized research content and report availability
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Analytics and Visualization Tools Unlock Data and Documents

Sentieo helps you capture and interpret alpha-driving insights embedded in internal and external content sources across your team.

  • Advanced analysis tools transform data and documents into actionable insights
  • Quickly consume earnings call transcripts using automated NLP smart summaries, heatmaps, and sentiment analysis
  • Smart categories and broad search capabilities across industries to quickly spot and quantify trends
  • Easy-to-create visualizations that surface cross-company topics and expose sector-level insights
  • Redlining to quickly compare language between filing periods, including highlighting critical changes for guidance, MD&A, risk factors, and other sections
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Access Data Across Workflows to Drive More Confident Decisions

Our platform sits on top of a wide range of financial data sources, allowing data-driven analysis to occur at each step of your workflow in Sentieo.

  • Utilize historical financial and consensus data from Refinitiv, shareholders and M&A data, stock data, filings, transcripts, and news
  • Search profiles on over 980,000 private companies
  • Access investment research from more than 1,000 contributors in the platform, and we work with you through any enablement process, where required
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With Sentieo, your research workflow becomes a competitive edge instead of a burden. Whether together in one office or spread remotely across the globe, investment teams work faster and smarter on Sentieo.

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Supercharge analyst productivity

Make better, data-driven investment decisions

Instantly locate your documents

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Quicker insights to stay a step ahead

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