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Information overload is a real, ever-growing challenge for analysts.

An ocean of distinct information sources, as well as multiple tools required to “help” discover, organize and share relevant insights, serve as a drag to research workflows. Analysts are often left feeling they spend more time chasing news and intel sources than developing actionable investment ideas from them.

Sentieo brings together disparate financial search tools into a single, innovative AI-powered platform to help analysts save research time and discover alpha-driving insights.

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Smart Research Starts with a Smarter Search

With Sentieo’s machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) applied to your search process, you can cut through the noise and uncover insights faster than possible using Control-F.

  • AI-powered processing tuned specifically to the language of financial analysis; provides a broad universe of relevant results no matter what words you use
  • Personalized query suggestions that guide investment teams to the right content
  • Constant surveillance and alerting for newly published information that directly relates to your research
  • Unmatched search speed offered by Sentieo’s continuously expanding infrastructure built to process millions of documents and articles at scale
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Uncover Insights Others Miss

With all of your external and internal information centralized to a single workspace, Sentieo can uncover the insights that give teams an edge using:

  • Advanced analysis tools to extract insights from data and documents
  • Automated review of earnings call transcripts using smart summaries, heatmaps, and sentiment analysis
  • Smart categories and broad search capabilities across industries to quickly spot and quantify trends
  • Easy-to-create visualizations that surface cross-company topics and expose sector-level insights
  • Redlining to quickly compare language over filing periods, such as highlighting critical changes for guidance, MD&A, risk factors, and other sections
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Boost Productivity by Making it Easy to Share Insights

Sentieo’s integrated research management system provides a standardized, consistent environment for creating, organizing, and collaborating in real-time on research notes.

  • Centralized notebook to highlight, capture, annotate, tag, and collaborate in real-time on your research
  • Customizable templates allow analysts flexibility in their personal note-taking while allowing teams to have standardized templates for formal theses/notes
  • Integrations with popular apps, such as Microsoft Office, Evernote, Box, Dropbox, Microsoft Teams, and Slack
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"Sentieo makes it much easier to tag and track management language across time so we can identify common patterns of language across a sector—saving our research team valuable time and uncovering insights more efficiently. And moving to a centralised RMS portal also allows us to better track our views on a stock as they evolve.”

Lloyd Liew

Equity Research Analyst

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