Why Sentieo

The Financial Intelligence Platform that Powers the World’s Investment Decisions

Sentieo was built from the start to bring together disparate financial research tools into a single innovative AI-powered platform to help teams save time and discover alpha-driving insights.

Built from the Start to Make Analysts More Productive

Sentieo’s financial intelligence platform is built to make fundamental analysts more productive. With AI-powered search and research management tools, Sentieo empowers analysts to surface, visualize, and share alpha-driving insights.

Surface Insights Fast

  • Applies natural language processing and advanced linguistic algorithms to the search process
  • Aggregates internal and external content into a single shared workspace
  • Automates surveillance and alerts for newly published information that directly relates to your research
  • Provides unmatched search speed offered by Sentieo’s continuously expanding infrastructure built to process millions of documents and articles at scale
Find Uncharted Insights
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Uncover Insights Other Miss

  • Research more information faster so you can free up your time to do higher-value tasks and make the tough decisions that only a human can make
  • Remove the friction caused by the time-consuming research drudgery of reading earnings transcripts or searching through millions of documents
  • Make decisions that give you an edge
Get Insights Faster
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Boost Productivity

  • Protect your intellectual property (IP) – don’t let it walk out the door when an analyst leaves
  • Drive accountability, collaboration, and compliance
  • Research deeply, explore data to test hypotheses, and make confident decisions
Make Decisions with Confidence
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Experience the Sentieo difference to surface, visualize, and share alpha-driving insights faster.

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