For Individual Investors

Grow Your Portfolio with a Modern Financial Intelligence Platform

Researching companies and markets to make the best investment decisions has become increasingly complex for individual investors, with tools that are often outdated, disconnected, and more often than not, too costly to justify.

Sentieo enables individual investors to access the same AI-powered search, integrated document sources, financial data, and modeling and analysis tools leading institutional investors use to power their portfolios.

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Smart Research Starts with Smarter Search

Save time researching company financials, strategy, and activity.

  • Access 20+ million documents, including news, company documents, presentations, and more
  • Use advanced search tools like query operators, filters, smart categories, and synonyms to save time and drive better search results
  • Create constant surveillance through custom alerts that keep you current on relevant information
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Market Data and Financials to Help Power Decisions

Access public company documents and financials in a unified platform.

  • Leverage a fully integrated data terminal, including data sourced from Refinitiv Reuters Fundamentals and Refinitiv I/B/E/S Estimates
  • Access a robust set of content sources including SEC and global filings, presentations, transcripts, press releases, news, regulatory sources, and private company profiles
  • Keep up to date with intraday pricing for U.S. and European markets, and end-of-day pricing for all major markets
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Analytics and Visualization Tools Bring Insights to Life

Uncover actionable intel from documents and unstructured data.

  • Structure models with our table chaining tool Table Explorer, Excel Plugin, and editable pre-configured models
  • Speed up analysis with transcript language, sentiment, and hot topics with Smart Summary and NLP heatmaps
  • Build custom dashboards to monitor pricing, charts, new documents, and more
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Customer Stories

“Sentieo's Document Search is essential core functionality for analysis. While Capital IQ compiles public filings, Sentieo takes search to a whole new level, including customization possibilities that, frankly, I didn't know existed. The ability to easily aggregate and export time series from different reporting periods across public filings for both in app and Excel-based analysis is one of the most powerful features of Sentieo's Document Search.”

James Anderson

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