Surface Insights Fast with an AI-Powered Financial Search Engine

Apply Sentieo's machine learning and natural language processing to eliminate “Control-F” from your search process.

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Help free analysts from the inhuman amount of company and market information they need to sift through each day.

Sentieo can save them hundreds of hours each year by eliminating manual work from the search process—harnessing the platform’s powerful Financial Search Engine to surface insights that generate alpha.

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Save Time

How Can Sentieo Help Save Time?

Sentieo Document Search puts the power of smart technology to work, helping you surface the most relevant and actionable information fast:

  • Eliminate time-wasting search results with advanced query functionality and smart categories
  • Improve quality of search results via AI-driven synonym guidance and trending terms
  • Target search within specific documents and sections, or by role
  • Broaden searches to industries or regions to identify trends, then access source docs with a single click
  • Quickly compare filing language over time with redlining to identify changes, such as guidance, MD&A, or risk factors

Constant Surveillance; Instant Alerts

Never Miss a Material Insight

  • Create watchlists for specific companies you are tracking
  • Get alerted when companies on your watchlist publish new documents or data
  • Set up custom alerts for automated surveillance on saved topics and trends you care about

Unique Insights with AI

Sentieo’s proprietary machine learning and NLP combines, visualizes, and dives deep into your data and documents.

Hyper-Productive Research Workflows

Sentieo’s modern, integrated RMS keeps analysts focused and productive on a single platform.

Aggregated Content

Centralize Internal and External Content Sources for a More Complete View

Our AI-powered Document Search helps solve the challenge of information overload by aggregating source content, driving significant time savings and a more robust view for analysts.

Search millions of company document types, including SEC and global filings, transcripts, presentations, press releases, news, and RSS feeds, along with broker research, aftermarket research–even your own uploaded or synced content.

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Integrated Notebook

Built-in Notebook to Boost Productivity

As relevant data, documents, tables, images, or articles are found, you can highlight, annotate, comment on, and tag your research for organizing and sharing with colleagues.

Designing custom templates to standardize thesis and note building allows for a more consistent, efficient process for research teams and provides a better experience for every user.

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Customer Stories

"Sentieo makes it much easier to tag and track management language across time so we can identify common patterns of language across a sector—saving our research team valuable time and uncovering insights more efficiently. And moving to a centralised RMS portal also allows us to better track our views on a stock as they evolve.”

Lloyd Liew

Equity Research Analyst

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