Sentieo Debuts New AI-Driven Smart Summary Capabilities To Save Equity Analysts Hundreds of Hours Each Earnings Season

New capabilities apply NLP and Machine Learning to Deliver Summarized and Categorized Earnings Transcripts

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., July 18, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Sentieo, the leading, next-generation financial research platform provider, today announced the availability of its new Smart Summary capabilities. Building on Sentieo’s long-standing sentiment and Natural Language Processing capabilities, Smart Summary will disrupt the onerous and time-consuming process of reviewing and interpreting earnings call and other transcripts, with additional documents being added to this capability in the coming months.

“Every quarter, analysts and portfolio managers spend hundreds of hours reading earnings transcripts to find the one or two pieces of information that might change an investment strategy,” said Alap Shah, CEO and co-founder, Sentieo. “Sentieo’s new Smart Summary dramatically reduces that time to minutes per transcript. Sentieo understands what is being said, by whom, and then categorizes it into the most important topics for analysts, including whether it has a positive or negative sentiment. All of this allows analysts to get the most relevant information in moments to drive changes in an investment thesis.”

Equity analysts and researchers might be tracking anywhere from 10 to 100s of stocks. Each quarterly earnings season, they are forced to attend calls or read multiple transcripts. Additionally, they are expected to review relevant transcripts from other events, such as investor conferences, analyst days, and competitor events. This adds up to hundreds of transcripts each quarter, and hundreds of hours of work by these expensive research resources. Smart Summary cuts this time down to minutes by applying a range of topic modeling, NLP, and Machine Learning capabilities to (a) understand the most important elements of a transcript, and (b) to categorize these in the context of what an analyst is most interested in; for example, comments by the CFO related to corporate action like the incremental revenue impact of an acquisition. The algorithms driving Smart Summary have been developed through analyzing and tagging insights from hundreds of thousands of transcripts and documents produced by organization over the past eighteen years.

Additional new capabilities on the Sentieo platform include:

  • Redesigned AI-driven approach to document search that allows analysts to get to the most relevant data and information quicker than ever. This includes query autocomplete and query suggestions, all driven by behavioral data from thousands of Sentieo users.
  • The introduction of Aftermarket Research (AMR) to the Sentieo platform. This is available for non-buyside clients only
  • A new desktop application that provides a fully connected interface to Sentieo for those organizations looking for a non-browser based research platform

More information on the new Smart Summary capabilities can be viewed here.

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