Sentieo Announces Integration of Earnest Research Data To Financial and Corporate Research Platform

Earnest Research makes alternative data-driven insights available on Sentieo as part of the complete investment research workflow

SAN FRANCISCO and LONDON—Oct. 08, 2020 —Sentieo, the leading next-generation financial and corporate research platform provider, today announced that Sentieo clients can now access Earnest Research data as part of their complete research workflows. With the new integration, mutual customers of Sentieo and Earnest Research can seamlessly combine transaction data insights with Sentieo’s charting engine, premium document content, note-taking, and market data solutions.

“Historically, alternative data like credit and debit card panel sales have been accessed in a separate silo from the rest of investors’ day to day workflows,” said Naman Shah, Co-Founder & President, Sentieo. ”Integrating Earnest’s transaction data into the Sentieo research platform alongside millions of corporate filings, broker research, and other data sources provides investors with the ability to make more confident decisions much faster than they have been able to previously.“

“We’re excited to provide access to Earnest’s consumer spend data on the Sentieo platform,” said Earnest President and CRO, Andrew Robson. “Making this critical data available alongside the rest of the capabilities in the Sentieo platform will allow clients to bring together detailed data on consumer behavior insights with the rest of their fundamental research, powering data-driven investment decisions.”

Earnest data provides near real-time insight into the performance of companies and segments within the consumer economy. By tracking key metrics including sales, average ticket pricing, and transactions across hundreds of companies, Earnest drives enhanced alpha generation in investors’ diligence and portfolio monitoring processes.

With Earnest data integrated into Sentieo, clients can quickly identify companies with inflecting business trends, providing a key edge in navigating today’s volatile markets. This powerful combination enables clients to confidently drive investment decisions using a variety of data points, including quarterly upside versus consensus estimates or long-term insights around customer unit economics.

Earnest data will be available to clients with specific subscriptions to both companies’ services.

About Sentieo
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About Earnest Research
Founded in 2012, Earnest Research provides restaurants, retailers, e-commerce companies and investment clients with critical knowledge on consumer behavior to power data-driven business decisions. With accurate and near real-time data on sales, foot traffic, orders and other purchasing trends, Earnest enables companies to deeply understand customer habits and gain valuable intelligence on market share and competitors. For more information, visit